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Doctor L - A Hole In Your Soul

Doctor L - A Hole In Your Soul
(Free MP3 download on 2011-04-28

Open Window is a lifestyle, it is beyond category. The sources of its words and music span the centuries. Its concept and interpretations are timeless and boundless. If its contribution can be summarized in a phrase, Open Window is the sound of now, encompassing all the yesterdays and all the todays in the limitless cosmos of sound.

Here's an exclusive free track extracted from Open >Window, the brand new album from Doctor L!!

Tracklisting :
01. Doctor L - A Hole In Your Soul

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Le Damn Dog - Watch Out
Le Damn Dog - Watch Out
(Exclusive limited MP3 download on Rprdkt, 2009-09-12

Rprdkt is home label of parisian band Le Damn Dog.
LE DAMN DOG is a hellhound of a new project from top Parisian DJ-producer Erik Rug and DJ-MC Dynamax from the South Bronx.
The surprise element is the musical tree on which the pair have chosen to cock their leg: a slavering mix of, hiphop and rock'n'roll delivered with pure punk attitude.
Watch Out bangs together Erik's Stooges-style raw power guitar barrages with Dynamax's new-found 'Black John Wayne' persona, howling or panting to ram home the hard-hitting lyrics.
Attention: The title has such an infectious hook that surely makes it an instant radio friendly number.
Watch out is seriously getting attention from radio stations as it just been hammered on Radio Nova (France) this last summer, while it now also entered Couleur3's (CH) playlist since sept.
Dont be surprised if you hear it on your favorite local radio station soon!

Watch Out will also be available as a limited 7 inch vinyl, including a reggae remix by dubmeister Grant Phabao on the b-side...

Already having props from Djs like Rob Mello, Laurent Garnier, Dj Cosmo, Kris Needs, Dave Haslam, Donald D, Lord Jazz (Lotug), Radio Nova (fr) Couleur3 (ch), Radio Grenouille (Fr)

Tracklisting :
01. Le Damn Dog - Watch Out

Links :
Info on Let The Damn Dog Out album on >
Reverbnation -
Buzznet -
MySpace - |
FaceBook - Le Damn Dog FaceBook Group

Video + feedbacks are available on the Paris DJs blog

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