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Stevie Wonder vs Grant Phabao - Uptight
Stevie Wonder vs Grant Phabao - Uptight
(7 inch) Woo Roots Records, 2008-11-14

Tracklisting :
A. Stevie Wonder vs Grant Phabao - Uptight
B. Cee-Lo vs Grant Phabao - The One

Note : limited edition 100 copies only - made in Jamaica.

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Info :
A few months ago we received some bootleg MP3s of Grant Phabao riddims that had leaked on the p2p, credited to the 'Booty Smash Soundsystem'. It's probably the same guys who sent us a copy of this glorious 7 inch, for which they said 'only 100 copies were pressed, in Jamaica'...

Stevie's magic voice on Phabao's 'new vintage' 70s reggae production works so well we decided to share this track with you - Reggae Soul at its best!

You can hear the Cee-Lo vs Phabao bootleg in the Molesting Laura Vol.7 mix by Grant Phabao & Djouls, from way back in May 2007 - Soulful hip hop dressed in classy reggae stylings...

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