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©© Les Frères Smith - Opposite People (Live At Roskilde Festival 2012)

©© Les Freres Smith - Opposite People (Live at Roskilde Festival 2012)
(Free MP3 download on 2013-01-29

2013 should be a busy year for the Smith family. Before releasing some long-awaited new material later this year, Les Freres Smith and Paris DJs offer you a cover of Fela Kuti's 'Opposite People' captured last summer at the amazing Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

Recorded in binaural so that you may hear the music just as if you were there, the whole Smith family hopes you'll enjoy this live take at one of the biggest European festivals. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and get ready to dance! PS check this little video out if you miss a dance step or two.

'Opposite People' is a 1977 Fela classic regularly played and appreciated by Les Freres Smith. Long trance rhythms, powerful horn themes and solos, heavy vintage keyboards and a strong, barely abstract, political message about the colonial mentality, upper class corruption, and more particularly its ability to abuse and impose its vision even if it's opposite to the one of the people.

The artwork, by band member Elvis Martinez Smith, is a hijack (or tribute, or both!) of a 1982 poster by Thami Mnyele for the 'Culture and Resistance' festival organised by the Medu Art Ensemble, in Gaborone, Botswana (read more about this movement here). Their story, ideology and actions in South Africa at the time are similar to Fela's crusade and more particularly to the social meaning of the song 'Opposite People', focusing on the disparities, growing gaps and walls between social classes.

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Artwork by Elvis Martinez Smith

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